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Welcome to your European Patent Attorney Edmund L. Fritz in Cologne-Lövenich. File the right patents, utility models, trademarks and design patents as well -  national und international - enforce them, watch and attack your competitors` trademarks. We give you advice in all questions of industrial property, employee invention acts included. And of course we will carry out patent searches and/or trademark searches.


Are you from Paris? London? Vienna? Berlin? Tokyo? Beijing? New York? Or Frankfurt / Main? Münster? Or from innovation strong region Köln-Bonn? Maybe from Köln Bickendorf, Müngersdorf, Lövenich, Junkersdorf, Lindenthal, Braunsfeld or Ehrenfeld? The world begins next door and our operating range does not know any borders! Feel free and do not hesitate to contact us!

File, enforce and defend patents properly on a national and international basis.


We advise you how to file, enforce and defend utility models properly.


File, search and attack registered designs properly.



File the right trademarks, enforce them, watch and attack your competitors` trademarks.

Prior to introducing a new product it is strongly recommended to carry out a patent and/or trademark search

Don´t underestimate its importance to motivate your staff and to tap the full innovation potential.


For companies acting in an innovative environment own industrial property rights and dealing with those of the competitors is indispensable

Our team for you -

we recognize your innovation potential.

Edmund L. Fritz

Patent Attorney

Stefanie Berg

Patent paralegal

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Graphic designer